Smart Data Management Platform Smart DMP for your individual data infrastructure:’s Smart DMP collects, stores and analyses all kinds of data and enables smart combinations of different data types (e.g. factual and predictive). It provides the universal platform with all relevant interfaces (for SSPs, DSPs, ad servers, exchanges etc.) – while maintaining full control for the data owner.

Smart Data Management with offers you:

  • Smart self-service interface for audience segmentation
  • Easy collection, classification & reach analysis for all kinds of target groups
  • Access to selected high quality 3rd party data
  • Interfaces to all relevant ad servers, programmatic systems, CMS systems etc.
  • Easy implementation, especially for existing customers
  • Reports & analysis of segmented users
  • Maximum data protection and control of data ownership
  • A fully managed service incl. ongoing consulting and business development
Optimal target groups for your campaign: allows you to select socio-demographic data and product interests for your campaign, right down to individual target group definitions, if desired. Another option is to use hotspots to address pre-defined target groups.
  • Car Buyers
    Intent to buy a car
  • Technology & Gadgets
    Interested in consumer electronics and technology
  • Discount Shoppers
    Shopping in discount stores, low/medium income
  • Families with young children
    Households interested in baby products
  • Holiday Travellers
    Users interested in train/plane tickets, hotels, holidays & last minute
  • Gamers
    Passionate about computer & video games
  • Household Shoppers
    Household decision makers
  • Healthy Eaters
    Interested in healthy food & organic food stores
  • LOHAS / High Income Earners
    Interested in healthy food, art & culture + high income
  • Beauty,Care & Fashion Lovers
    Passion for beauty and fashion products
  • Luxury Shoppers
    Prefer high quality stores & brand products
  • Home Movers
    Plan to move into a flat or a house
  • Young Mobile Communicators
    Interested in mobile internet & communication
  • Savers & Investors
    Interested in investments, funds etc.
  • Celebrity Gossip
    Interested in stars, fashion and gossip
  • Fitness & Sports Enthusiasts
    Regularly exercise / play sports